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Special Order Trisha M, Barnes Swing

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Image of Special Order Trisha M, Barnes Swing

This beautiful log swing was inspired by the ever so talented Robin Barnes Photography. Robin contacted me stating that she wanted a log swing that was sturdy, steady and didn't eat the baby up with the curvature. Robin was also very specific about wanting the swing to have very chunky rope attached. She wanted a rope that was whimsically rustic that she could accent with flowers for the little girls and beefy for the little boys. This swing differs from the other log swing because this one has a metal attachment underneath it that keeps it more uniform and makes the log base more stable. This swing also is made with a chunkier barn rope. The logs are hand harvested, right here in Douglas County, Oregon. Each log is hand cut and gently sanded. The swings will all differ slightly because of the sizes and textures of the logs are never identical. If you specifically want a log swing with or without bark, please let me know prior to ordering and I'll verify that I can accommodate your request. LEASE NOTE: 70 pound weight limit and this is to be used as a prop, not everyday use!! Please contact me if you're interested in an everyday outdoor swing!

All images are by Robin Barnes Photography. Please do not edit or copy images.

Swing measures approximately 22" X 13"

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Once ordered, product will ship within 17-20 business days which will give us time to custom make your Woodsy Wonders hand crafted swing. Thank you!!

Shipping price will be determined after swing is packaged with your other order. Thank you!

Disclaimer: Baby's safety is always our priority! Please use close supervision and a spotter while product is in use. This product is intended only to be a photography prop. Use extreme caution! Woodsy Wonders is NOT responsible or liable for any misuse of prop! This is NOT a toy and is not intended for use as a functional hammock. This is ONLY A PHOTOGRAPHY PROP and COMPOSITE shots are ALWAYS recommended!